When Conner Coffin (along with little brother Parker and filmer/editor Ryan Perry) released Highline last October, we exclaimed that it was “A Return to Form.” Now here we are, three months later, expressing the same exact sentiment. This time, however, Conner is showing just how technically sound his surfing is at his homebreak, Rincon, not thousands of miles away at Jeffreys Bay. Take note kids: In this uber-competitive, ADD surf world that we live in, the likes of Conner, Julian Wilson, and John John Florence have changed what it means to be a pro surfer in 2014. It’s worth noting the fresh Etnies sticker on his board as well. With the new year came a new sponsor.

Two minutes of solid surfing from Julian Wilson, Kai Hing, Jack Duggan, and Kelly Norris. As expected, Julian steals the show, but Kai Hing’s nearly pulled backflip is quite memorable, but we could have done without seeing it in slow motion. Kai isn’t well known in the United States yet, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the next couple years.

Torrey Meister – Welcome to Team O’Neill
By winning the O’Neill Coldwater Classic in November, Torrey Meister, who at the time lacked a main sponsor, earned himself a fresh logo on the nose of his board. Looking forward to what the future holds for this fresh union.

Five-mm Bliss
As a Southern Californian, I often find myself complaining about having to wear booties on those brisk mornings in January. After seeing the conditions these New Jersey surfers go through to surf, I won’t ever bitch about having to bust out extra neoprene ever again.

Jaws Winter 2014
Over the past few months, it’s become clear that drones are becoming an integral part of every “super-session” and we’re betting that it won’t be long until they’re hovering over your local lineup. Eric Sterman has been on the forefront of drones and this Jaws compilation is the creme de la creme of unmanned aerial filming.

Bonus Clip

Ever wonder what John John Florence would surf like as a goofyfooter? Well thanks to the anonymous Twitter celebrity Not Dane Reynolds, you can. Don’t stop at John John though, here’s Conner Coffin, Tom Carroll, and more.