CLIP OF THE WEEK: Yago In Brazil
Brazil’s Yago Dora spent the month of May punting rotations in Brazil. In this clip, which showcases Yago’s smooth-as-butter style, we bear witness to just how progressive and deep the latest crop of Brazilian surfers have become. Prepare to hear more from Yago in the future. We guarantee it.

A Wipeout Reel You Want To Watch
There’s no shame in enjoying a little carnage now and again. And this wipeout reel is chock full of pain. Prepare to cringe. (Ed Note: Consider putting this video on mute if you don’t want your ears to bleed.)

The Many Faces of Kai Lenny
There’s no denying that Maui’s Kai Lenny can hold his own on just about anything that floats. Whether it’s as a multiple SUP world champ, threading huge tubes at Jaws, or hucking full rotations, Kai Lenny is a true waterman.

J.O.B. Takes It Up A Notch
Shopping carts, big-wave raft surfing, and some hollow tubes come into play for Jamie O’Brien and his crew of hellmen in the latest episode of Who Is J.O.B.

Kelly Breaks Down The Backside Tube
When Kelly offers up some advice for surfing, our ears perk. And when it comes to backside tuberiding, there are few surfers who can hold a candle to him. Bust out your pen and paper and prepare to take notes.