CLIP OF THE WEEK: Slater Changes the Game with Manmade Wave 
It’s been called the holy grail or the mythical unicorn of sport, but creating a perfect manmade wave has been just out of our collective grasp for some time. On Friday mornin, the Kelly Slater Wave Company dropped this clip of him surfing a misty artificial wave and, mark my words, the surf world changed forever. If this wave can be replicated, this opens the world up—for better or worse—to the sport. The next few weeks/years are going to be very interesting. Also, how in the hell did he keep this under wraps for so long?

Marzo’s Left
No, we don’t have a clue where this left is, but as has become par for the course, Clay Marzo makes it look like a whole mess of fun. His approach is unlike anyone else in the sport, which makes any Clay edit worth a watch.

Hey Grom!
Ahh grom abuse. In this clip, the Rip Curl team—Fanning, Medina, Bam, Wilco, etc— put aussie grom Joe Van Dijik through his paces, both in the water and out. It’s all in good fun, and hot damn does the Curl have a deep bench!

Pipe Aint Playin’
As we’ve seen over the past few weeks—heal up Bede (fractured pelvis), get well soon Owen (concussion) and thank god you’re alive, Evan (near drowning)—Pipeline has the potential to straight up kill you without hesitation. In this clip, the WSL explorer’s the harsh realities of surfing one of the world’s most infamous waves.