This Week In Webclips

Jazzy Jules, hot hot Honolua, supercrowded Superbank, and more

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Oliver Kurtz In Fifth Gear
It’s hard to watch this clip and wonder why Oliver Kurtz isn’t plastered across our monitors more often. In this edit, which was shot in Central America, North Carolina, and Indo, Ollie leaves it all in the lineup. Huge airs (the man’s lucky he didn’t get a nosebleed with that punt at 2:47), breakneck carves, and a rad little tune from Benjamin Booker make this a top-shelf clip in our books.

Pulsing in Paradise: Honolua has been ablaze as of late, offering up perfect right-hand tubes and open-ended walls for the tens of millions of surfers in the lineup. It was crowded enough that even Slater got burned, but hot damn was it good.

Superbank Gets Supercrowded
Speaking of crowds, the Superbank has been draining for the past week to the delight of most of Australia. If you were lucky enough to nab one without getting snaked, then there’s a pretty good chance you got kegged.

Alex Gray Operates On Secrets
When you’re as nice of a guy as Alex Gray, people want to do you favors. Recently, someone reached out to Mr. Gray on Insta claiming that he knew where to find a secret peak. Alex, with his characteristically adventurous spirit, took the bait and reaped the rewards of perfect warm-water tubes.

Jazzy Jules
If I could, I would hug whomever picks the tracks to Julian’s clips. As we’ve all come to expect, Julian continues to be downright savage in his approach, but it’s this tune from Mulatu Astatke (an Ethopian Jazz legend) that’s stoking us out. A fine blend of shredding and new beats. Well done, Team Jules.