CLIP OF THE WEEK: Craig Anderson in “Welcome Elsewhere”
Kai Neville has been diligently collecting and hoarding some sashimi-quality footage of Ando for longer than we can recall. While the Internet demanded that we see some video to accompany the stills of Ando riding a 5’4″ Hypto at Kandui a few months back, Neville remained silent and the footage went unseen. Now, with the release of “Welcome Elsewhere,” we know why. In this 12-minute-long edit, we watch as Ando masterfully makes his stylish mark on Kandui, Australia, Tahiti, France and other locales. Do yourself a favor and watch the clip. It’s some of the most stylish surfing we’ve seen since Curren.

Mikey Wright in “Rage”
This past December proved to be a turning point for Mikey Wright. Brother to Owen and Tyler, it’s not hard to imagine that Mikey can hold his own in the water. But it wasn’t until earlier this winter that the surf world was able to really see it so surely. Whether it was packing a few bombs at Pipe or setting Rockies ablaze (all of which are nicely packaged here in “Rage”), Mikey proved that he’s going to be a household name for years to come.

Travel Better
Yes, we know that this isn’t the typical fast-paced edit you’ve come to expect from this column.nHowever, we think it’s something any surfer who’s ever travelled abroad should watch. While there’s a mouth-watering peak in this clip (say Mmm at 4:17), the real focus is on the impact we, as travelling surfers, have on the places and people we visit. This clip should serve as a PSA for us all.  

That’s Really Seal Beach…We Swear
Yes, it’s been one hell of a winter in California. The Golden State’s been inundated with one swell after another, and just about every lineup has had a perfect moment or two—even Seal Beach. Here’s the proof.

The Marshall Plan
Judging from this edit, and what we’ve seen from him in the past, Jake Marshall seems to have everything going for him. He’s a natural talent with his own unique style, he’s hungry for big surf, and he’s determined to succeed. All of which bodes very well for the California Kid as he matures. Imagine some of these carves when he’s packed on 20 pounds of muscle.