This Week In Webclips

Ozzie Wright, Owen Wright, and other perfect rights

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Is It Chill If We Cruise?
Ahhh the Great Northwest. In this clip, Dane AndersonNoah Wegrich, and Wilem Banks venture past the pines and into a series of hidden beachbreaks. Lots of ramps, lots of empty linepus, and lots of fun. And yes, it’s totally chill if you cruise.

Inundated by a blitz of perfect south swell, an array of mysto lineups came to life throughout Hawaii earlier this past month. None of them can hold a candle to what happened on Maui when a standard lineup morphed into a full throttle version of Macaronis to the delight of Dusty Payne and some other very lucky surfers.

Ozzie Wright Still Weird 
We love Ozzie. Front grips, purple board, massive airs--he’s clearly his own man, and that’s something we respect. Plus, it’s really damn entertaining to watch him surf. Watch the clip, and get ready to get weird.

Down Days Score Morocco
The Gudauskas Brothers find a perfect right-hand point in Southern Morocco in the latest installment of their Down Days series. “It was one of the best sessions of our lives,” they said. And coming from them, that truly means something. They also dine on camel and cruise with goats.

Finals Highlights from Fiji
By now, word of Owen’s bag of 10 pointers feels a bit like old news, but it’s hard to believe it all went down just a few short days ago. This clip, courtesy of the WSL, highlights the best waves from the quarters up and peaks with Owen’s second perfect heat from the comp.