More From Kelly’s Pool
It’s impossible to watch these clips from Kelly’s Wave Pool and not be left with the revelation that the sport is poised for a dramatic change in the coming years. It’s only a matter of time until the landlocked masses are baptized in surf and that kid from Des Moines who’s been surfing for six months is consistently getting 10-second barrels. The world’s changing, folks. Whether it’s for better or worse is subjective, but we’ve just crossed our Rubicon and there’s no turning back now. When you’ve picked up your dropped jaw, catch the session clips of Carissa, Nat, Kanoa, Wingnut, Steph, Kerrzy, and KS himself.

Skeleton Bay Strikes Again
Speaking of perfect waves, Namibia’s Skeleton Bay has been churning the longest left-hand barrels we’ve ever seen for a lucky crew that included Alex Smith, Benji Brand, and Bianca Buitendag.

Dorian’s Winter
Between threading perfect left-hand tubes and holding on for dear life at Jaws, it’s fair to say that this has been a memorable winter for Dorian. Here, as part of its Just Passing Through series, Reef presents the thickest cream from Dorian’s high season.

Put Some Respeck On Lee Wilson’s Name
It’s hard to watch this edit and not come away thinking that Lee Wilson just may be the most underrated surfer walking the earth today. A few years back, I surfed with Lee at Karamas, and his performance in the lineup left me with two revelations: (1) I should surf better; and (2) this guy deserved to be in the spotlight. After signing with Brixton a few months back, Lee’s been dropping some really impressive clips, like this one here, proving that his stylish approach deserves more recognition.

Chippa Goes To Brixton
Also flying under the Brixton flag and Wilson name, you’ll find this edit of Chippa, who just signed with the company. Does anyone spin faster? Hard to tell.