The Big Red Bird Board
While sidelined after suffering a serious neck injury, Daniel Jones had a bit of free time on his hands. Prior to hurting his neck, Daniel broke a family heirloom: his dad’s iconic Red Bird Board, dating back to the 1970s. To remedy the situation, Dan reshaped the board and put it through its paces, all of which is captured here.

License to Chill
The Ho family and friends are set to release a new flick with the help from …lost next week. From the looks of this trailer, it’s chock full of the balls-to-the-wall surfing we’ve come to expect from Mason and his crew. And about that rock bounce at 1:15?

Connor Coffin On Rail
Four-and-a-half minutes of pure power await you in the clip above. Is there anyone carving harder on Tour at the moment than Connor?

Namibian Chairs
After growing bored of threading perfect backside Namibian barrels, Alex Smith opted to give his legs a break. The result is a perfect 15-second tube, which Alex took sitting down.

More Marzo
No one looks at a wave like Clay. How he can mold his massive frame into the tightest of tubes is beyond us, not to mention the uncanny way he effortlessly pulls off those patented frontside whips. All of which yields the realization that Marzo just may be the most naturally talented frontside surfer of the modern era. Can you imagine how great it would be to see him on Tour? Someone should really make a hashtag.