Matt Meola, Fade to Purple
There are so many good things to say about Matt Meola: He’ll sit behind the peak at Jaws and whip backflips at Ho’okipa without batting an eye, and, on occasion, kill an animal with an arrow. Lots of manly shit going on in his world. In this clip, Meola pays homage to Prince with his winter highlight reel, set to “Purple Rain,” of course. The result is a perfectly fun and inspiring bit of surfing.

Mason Ho, Cheeseburger, and Tom Current Post Up In Indo
Hot damn, do we love us some Mason Ho. In the first installment of his latest series, “License to Chill,” Mason, his buddy Cheeseburger, and Tom Curren spend some time on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula sniffing out set waves at Uluwatu. You’re in store for some classic surfing from Mason, complete with his patented dance with a rock/cliff, smooth lines, and…stand-up bodyboarding…from Curren.

Eight Minutes of Yago
When seven minutes aren’t enough and you need another 60 seconds of smooth Brazilian rippin.’

Something Old, Something New
We miss seeing fresh clips of Dane flooding our inbox on a weekly/monthly basis. So when a new (sort of) edit from Dane shows up on the ‘net, we salivate. While this video isn’t entirely composed of timely clips, it’s still refreshing.