Cloudbreak Explodes
While Cloudbreak wasn’t quite as monstrous as we’ve seen it in the past, the famed Fijian lineup squared off with some of the hardest souls in surfing this past week. Although Aaron Gold narrowly survived a harrowing ordeal, thankfully no one else was injured during this day. Here’s hoping that the World Tour gets some solid surf for the upcoming event.

More Mason Ho 
We’ll spare you the fluff and get straight to the point: This edit from Mason Ho is as good as surfing gets. Watch it repeatedly.

Good Times At The Wedge
How there aren’t more people killed here every swell is beyond me. That being said, when you don’t take it too seriously — as in, try and backdoor the peak on a rubber raft — The Wedge actually looks kinda fun…until it isn’t.

Whatever Beach With Griffin Colapinto
San Clemente is one of those locales that continues to churn out world-class surfers year after year. Griffin Colapinto, the latest San Clemente local to take on the world, cuts up his local breaks in this clip, leaving little doubt that the 17-year-old will find his way onto the Tour in the not-too-distant future.

Sam Pupo Makes His Mark
With his older brother Miguel carving out a path to the world stage, Sam Pupo is quickly making his own name in the surf world. One look at his passion for punting, as displayed in this clip, and it’s easy to see why he’s becoming his own man.