Noah Beschen’s North Shore
Is there a surfer on this great blue earth who epitomizes the life of a grom more than Noah Beschen? With the likes of Backdoor, Rockies, and a spattering of other world-renowned reefs at his disposal, Noah has grown into one of Hawaii’s best young surfers. Now, at 15 years old, his surfing is truly coming into its own, and it’s a near certainty that he’s bound for great things in the surf world.

Landlocked But Rippable
Just because there’s isn’t swell – nor an ocean, for that matter – doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t surf nearby. Here’s Wyoming’s Snake River Wave Co., in full effect for Dylan Graves and friends. Plus, a talking pizza.

Freakin’ Freezin’
Because legit satire finally made its way into surfing, and who else but the Brits could do it so well?

Mason Never Misses
Once again, Mason Ho makes his way into this week’s selection. And how could he not? There ‘aint another surfer alive on this planet who will make you want to get in the water more than Mason Ho.

Bobby Martinez In Whatever Beach
Bobby’s still got it. Maybe it was premature for me to think otherwise. In today’s modern era, where high-rising whips are a dime a dozen, it’s oh-so refreshing to see finesse, power, and precision unleashed. And no one does that quite as beautifully as Bobby.