Cape Fear Scared The Shit Out Of Me
As someone who’s seen his fair share of sketchy lineups over the years (mostly from the safety of the channel or the comfort of an office chair), I’d like to think that I would have developed some sort of tolerance for watching people eat massive amounts of shit in waves that split femurs. Turns out, my tolerance for this type of thing is actually quite low, as was made clear by my reaction to the Cape Fear event. On multiple occasions, I gasped and cried out to the competitors not to go. But they went, and they often went down. Turns out, much like watching NASCAR only for the accidents, surfers love to watch this stuff. Long story short, here’s a clip of a bunch of people who brushed against death at Ours.

Zeke Lau, Views From Bali
Honolulu’s Zeke Lau made the trek to Bali recently, where he tore Keramas a new one. Give it watch and take notes on the rail work. The turn at 3:05 may be the most manly thing I’ve ever seen.

West Indies Rip Curl Groms
Nope, this novelty wave in the Caribbean isn’t anything new, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect. Here, a group of young guns from Rip Curl rock up to one of the surfing world’s best-kept secrets.

License to Chill: Costa Rica
If you haven’t gathered, we love us some Mason Ho here at ‘ER. There’s no one else who embodies the zeitgeist of the sport more than him. His approach is unparalleled, he’s constantly awash in laughter, and he’s always down for an adventure. What’s not to love? In this clip, Mason, ‘Burger, and Coco head to Costa Rica, where they relish in rippable conditions, including one of the more fun-looking wedges we’ve seen in some time.

Just Passing Through: Ireland
Because Ireland — torrential rain and freezing conditions or not — with Taylor Knox is always a good idea.