72 Thick Hours
Because 48 hours is too short and 96 is pushing it, Craig Anderson and Co. touched down for exactly three days of bulging barrels.

As Good As It Gets
This edit, composed of one perfect line after another on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, was shot in a single day. As the title suggests, this particular day was nothing short of perfect.

Parker Coffin, Whatever Beach
The editors and film-makers behind Vacation Club (vibe out on their aesthetic here) have brought the heat lately with their Whatever Beach series. We’ve seen the likes of Bobby Martinez, Griffin Colapinto, and Eithan Osborne featured in the past, but this latest cut featuring Parker Coffin is particularly on point. While Parker’s lines are always impressive, his approach at Rincon is as sharp as anyone’s and should be studied thouroughly.

Mason Ho’s Rock Dance
Just how in the hell one person can run over / collide with dry reef time and time again and not be gravely injured is beyond me. Once again, Mason, you continue to impress / frighten me.

Marlon Gerber in 4K
Take in the slow-motion sunset shots and try not to drool.