Mason Ho: Hurricane Huntah
Last summer, Hawaii was dodging hurricanes left and right. Luckily, there weren’t any direct hits, but the storm did manifest some slabs and novelty waves across O’ahu for the likes of Mason Ho and friends.

Whatever Beach With Conner Coffin
Last week, the talent behind Whatever Beach put together a crisp edit of Parker Coffin tearing the living hell out of a wealth of lineups. This time, it’s Conner’s turn, and, as we’ve come to expect from him, the surfing doesn’t disappoint.

Shipstern Ain’t Bluffin’
Why? Why do they keep doing this?

First Look: Proximity
Taylor Steele returns to surf with “Proximity” and what looks to be a banger of a movie starring Albee and Dorian, hunting swell in Scotland. Plus, it looks like our very own Seawolf, AKA Todd Glaser, is making a few cameos as well.

West Oz With Kael Walsh
How the West is really won, according to Kael Walsh.