Hunting Tubes With Tyler Wright
Strength and confidence and goddamn fall short to describe the approach that Tyler Wright takes to these heavy drainers on her home coast. From no-handed pits in Fiji to unflinching lines underneath Australian tunnels, including one of the deepest rides we’ve seen in a while at the 2:00 mark, we knew that Tyler has the power to scratch for any wave she needs in order to get barreled. But this edit from Wade Carroll puts into perspective the grace of Ms. Wright deep inside some ungodly yawns.

Frankie Harrer at Chopes
Returning to Tahiti two years after she first conquered Teahupoo, 18-year-old Frankie Harrer recently teamed up with Raimana and whipped into the kind of voluminous barrels that no sensible teen has any business messin’ with. The multiple-time national champion shows that she’s fearless and able in any sized wave (She trains casually with Laird, to give you a clue). As the conditions at Teahupoo climb, expect Harrer’s respected stock in the lineup to climb with it.

Dream Steeple
The latest film from Vissla, directed by Eddie Obrand, follows a cast of progressives and classicists alike, from Brendon Gibbens to Bryce Young, on its chase for El Niño bliss all over the world. It’s 30 eclectic minutes that are well worth your time.

Gone Green in Nicaragua with Pedro Boonman
When he’s not packing Carcavelos or Supertubos, Pedro Boonman finds remote Nicraguan sandbars, applies his rail, and has himself a field day among the lineups and the locals. Each clip he drops adds an extra dimension to his already deep game, and he has us perpetually looking forward to the next one.

Headspace With Jake Marshall
The internet has allowed us to watch the young San Diegan grow up competitively before our eyes since he first wore the NSSA singlet 11 years ago. Now with a national title to his name, there’s no doubting that the head and the heart on this kid is aligned and hell-bent on success. The future keeps brightening for the eldest Marshall, as you can see from this Huntington highlight reel.