1000 frames per second, Ian Walsh and the distance between dreams, womping from The Wedge, and more

This Week In Webclips

This showreel is one that will blow your mind, guaranteed. For Videographer Chris Bryan, surfing is more than a job; it’s his passion, and he’s been fortunate to film some of surfing’s biggest names at some of the world’s best waves. Armed with a Phantom 4K camera, Bryan captures the most-intricate of movements, mechanics, and details, to the point where you can actually track water droplets in the frames — 1,000 frames per second, to be exact. You’re getting more than you could ever see with the naked eye. Hence, your mind is bound to explode. Featured surfers include Koa Rothman, Luke Davis, Craig Anderson, Albee Layer, Jeremy Flores, Chris Ross, Mick Fanning, Laurie Towner, Matt Meola, Taj Burrow, Kolohe Andino, John Florence, and Dan Ryan.
In an era of big-wave surfing when paddling has taken precedence over jet-ski assistance, we find surfers like Ian Walsh more focused than ever. The mental and physical training, technology, swell modeling, and safety have never been more important to the livelihood of those willing to risk it all for the wave of a lifetime. Coming this December, Ian Walsh’s latest project will crack open the most historic winter in big-wave history, thanks to El Niño, as seen through his eyes. “I wanted to invest my time and energy into a project that would give people a very comprehensive look into everything that we put into surfing big waves. In Distance Between Dreams, we are able to share the good, the bad, the hard work, and resulting satisfaction that you feel when you push yourself further than you ever dreamt possible,” says Walsh.
It’s been a minute since we heard from Benjamin “Sancho” Sanchis, a bruiser Frenchman with a penchant for beastly barrels. Wanting to get away from the Atlantic doldrums, Sancho struck out on a tip that the Mentawais were about to get lit up with a swell, and scored some cavernous cerulean cylinders.

Our friends over at Salty Beards released this new little edit featuring 16-year-old Eithan Osborne. They said, “When you travel all the way across the world for perfect Indonesian waves and you get skunked, you’d call it a lemon. We call it bleach.” While you’re probably watching this and noticing the waves look damn-well fun and playful, it’s not the same when you’ve got your hopes up for standing tall in tubes. Either way, Eithan Osborne got bleached in Indonesia this year, and instead of letting it bring him down, he aimed for the sky and flew with reckless abandon.
Human kite Matt McCabe can wind up and fling easier than most people can walk on land. Episode Four of “My Backyard” (Catch up on the other episodes herehere, and here) shows him doing fly-bys near the Ventura pier, sprocketing from wedges to the tune of Black Sabbath. Wind him up and watch him go.
Is this the most frightening session to ever go down at Shipstern Bluff? The biggest? The most terrorizing? I’m having a hard time imagining that these guys actually enjoyed this day in June at the Tasmanian devil. That ledge is always unforgiving but this day it looks even deadlier than normal. Mike Brennan, Danny Griffiths, Russell Bierke, and James McKean — what were you thinking?
Here, a quick break from the regularly-scheduled surf porn for something equally as enjoyable to watch — bodysurfing at the Wedge. Just inches from the sand, Newport’s refraction wave plays host to countless bodysurfers as they play cat and mouse with Mother Nature. On this particular day, accredited surf filmmaker Jack Coleman decided to roll the tape and capture it all for a snazzy little black-and-white edit. As you’ll see, it’s really only a matter of time until a bodysurfer gets caught up and spit out. See also: How To Not Die At The Wedge