This Week In Webclips

Perfection in Indo, Clay Marzo in Nicaragua, and some top-shelf drone footage

CLIP OF THE WEEK: The Swell of the Century Hits Indo 
By now, you’ve likely been inundated with an endless array of photos, claims, and video highlighting the massive swell to hit Indo recently. This webclip, shot at Kandui, tops them all. This session was truly perfection defined. Check out the wave at the 4:24 mark.

Clay Marzo in Nicaragua
We don’t see as much of Clay as we’d like. Whenever he drops a new clip, we’re reminded of just what a natural talent he is. This video, which features Marzo in Nicaragua, is nothing short of impressive. How he pulls those frontside laybacks time and again is beyond us.

Hector Santamaria in Oz
Puerto Rico’s Hector Santamaria’s nonchalant style meshes perfectly with his progressive approach. Call it yin and yang, balance, whatever. We just love the way the kid surfs.

Jay Davies and Ricardo Christie at J-Bay
Nope, Jay Davies wasn’t awarded a wildcard to J-Bay. We know, bummer. But that didn’t stop him from putting in some time with fellow RVCA rider and World Tour surfer Ricardo Christie recently. In this clip from Kustom, the duo take to the sky at J-Bay and draw some very unique lines on one of surfing’s most revered haunts.

Droning On
It’s clear that the drone angle has taken over surfing. And while it’s given us a fresh perspective, it’s also produced a lot of mediocre content. This video, however, is nothing but cream. If you’re going to watch one drone clip this summer, make it this one.