This Week In Webclips

The first Pipe swell of the season, the first trailer from the A.I. movie, the first World Title for Ms. Wright, and more

The first swell of the ’16/17 North Shore season slammed the Banzai Pipeline this past weekend and the takers were greeted with solid barrels and a minimal crowd. Mason Ho found a rhythm that can only be described as cosmic, Mike Ho’s backside no-grab stance (1:31) at 59 years old is bonkers, and Kalani Chapman put in the best cameo. Bonus! Tom Curren and Mason Ho ride a skimboard at Uluwatu that’s completely unrelated to opening day at Pipeline.

The parallels between surfing and sailing run deep in John Florence‘s life. “It’s all being an artist in your own way and being creative with your own lines, whether you’re surfing or sailing,” he says in the newest episode of Twelve, filmed around the Hawaiian Islands during a break from this year’s WSL World Title campaign. “You have no choice but to be in the present. You forget about all of the noise that’s going on. It’s like meditation, because you’re not tied to a schedule, or any kind of timing. You can take as long as you want. That’s the fun — the freedom of it.” Whether he’s surfing or sailing, watching John Florence relaxed, exploring on his own terms, and dialing in his own territory will have you itching for North Shore season to hurry up and arrive already.

It’s been five years since the passing of Andy Irons, and still, the gaping void left by the three-time world champion leaves the surf world with more questions than answers. Who was Andy Irons? Kauaian. Friend. Competitor. Brother. Husband. One of the most electrifying figures in the sport’s history. ANDY: The Untold Story of Andy Irons will tell of the A.I. according to those who knew him best and loved him most. If this three-and-a-half minute trailer is any indicator of the film’s emotional punch, we’re in for a defining chapter of the Andy Irons saga.

Try to pick a favorite Andy Irons section. You can’t. From his early years, to his MCD days, to his World Title-winning days, his surfing would catch your eye and dare you to look away. From Raw Irons to Momentum: Under The Influence to Blue Horizon to Campaign, his parts were always those ones that would end up getting replayed — often multiple times before a surf session. The task wasn’t easy, but we found ourselves gravitating toward one of the last full A.I. sections ever to be filmed and released. From the late Transworld Surf came this captivating part in High Five. It captured all that was Andy, and boy, will it make you miss him. We hope you enjoy..

The Indonesian island of Nias is no secret, as its dreamy right, Lagundri Bay, has been plastered all over magazines and surf films for decades. That isn’t to say the wave doesn’t sort itself out and keep surfers in check. It does. On a strike mission tip, filmmaker Matt Tibbey jetted over to the island for a little dreamtime of his own. He caught Diego Santos, Austin Smith-Ford, Gabriel Sodré, and Alex Wau on the run, as well, and features them in this three-minute clip of pumping fury.

We can think of a few places where it’d be worse to be jobless other than Puerto Rico. Landlocked, nowhere near the ocean, without the means to get your move on — it’s any surfer’s form of Hell. So when you can wing it to a tropical island surrounded by waves, you’re already winning in the grand scheme of things. And when surfing is your number one concern, and catching waves is your paycheck, then what good is money?

Through the ups and downs of a heavy year, Tyler Wright straight-up beast-mode’d her way through 2016. Let this video celebrate the boss of all bosses that is your new World Champ. Good on you, Tyler. You earned it.