The Week in Webclips

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Coming in at number one on the Morning Cup of Jazz on KSFR FM Radio—the smooth stylings of Mr. Joel Tudor. Kick back, relax, and cross-step your way into the weekend.

Nick Rozsa, Still Homegrown
Rozsa, still homegrown, and still ripping the shit out of any wave in the greater Ventura County area. If I could surf like any pro surfer in the world (assuming I don’t already), it would be Nick Rozsa. Perfect hair too.

Sabulous Games
I didn’t know what Sabulous meant either, so I Googled it: means sandy or gritty. Huh. Kind of disappointing, really. Unlike this clip of French super-surfer Vincent Duvignac wearing gloves! And a short-arm suit, in the same clip. What, the hell, is going on in France?

Eli Olson, WHY?
Why does Eli Olson surf? Because he rips. Next question. Excellently soundtracked clip, this.

THROWBACK CLIP OF THE WEEK: Andy Irons section in High Five.
Every Andy clip is a bittersweet reminder that nobody on earth attacked waves quite like he did. Here’s to you Andy, on your birthday week.