This Week In Webclips

Jack Freestone, Mikala Jones, and the Maui Boys Get Digital

If you’re unfamiliar with the prowess of Jack Freestone, take the next three minutes to acquaint yourself with this Australian phenom. Not only does Jack have one of the silkiest styles in his peer group, but his progression above the lip and the amount of torque he places on his rail is other worldly.

The Habitat, Episode 2: Inside Honolua
In a departure from the stratospheric airs that we’ve come to expect from the Maui boys behind “The Habitat” series (Albee Layer, Tanner Hendrickson, Matt Meola and Kai Barger) this clip, in a very downbeat way, is more of an homage to Honolua than anything else, which is actually kinda refreshing.

Cody Thompson in Central America
If this clip of Cody Thompson returning to his favorite Central American haunt doesn’t leave you salivating, then you’re in the wrong sport. Lineups don’t get anymore playful than this.

Padang Padang Stands Tall
While much of Bali’s Bukit peninsula has been soaked in swell for the summer season, this footage of solid Padang reminds us of just what a gem this wave is.

Mikala Takes In the Sunset
It’s almost an up-and-up battle for who spends more time in the tube: Mikala Jones or Anthony Walsh? Regardless, here’s a POV edit of Mikala at a hidden Indo lineup at dusk, getting absolutely kegged.