This Week In Webclips

Dane Reynolds at home, Jamie O'Brien on fire, and Jordy in Africa

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Dane Reynolds and Dolores
It’s hard to believe that all of this shreddin came from a single session. At the conclusion of this clip, we’re left with the realizations that A) Maroon wetsuits look dashing on Dane and 2) He’s surfing better than ever.

Who Is JOB Episode 6: Tandem Tubes and More
In the latest installment of Jamie O’Brien’s online series, Who Is JOB, we bear witness as he and fellow cohort Poopies tandem surf Pipeline (complete with leopard Speedo) and some pretty remarkable board transfers at Backdoor.

JOB on Fiyah at Teahupoo
Speaking of Jamie, he recently set himself on fire at Teahupoo.

The Shark Heard Round the World
Yep, that was this week and the clip has garnered more than 19 million page views. We’re now almost seven days removed from the hoopla that accompanied the incident and we’re left with a single revelation: We’re just glad Mick is OK.

Jordy in Africa
Although Jordy’s been on the injured list for a bit, that hasn’t stopped him and his sponsors from dropping a hell of a highlight reel. Shot amid a series of mysto African points, this clip of Jordy is a testament to the fact that he truly is one of the most talented surfers alive today.