With this year's Surfer Awards sitting just around the corner, it might be instructive to look back at how the award for Movie of the Year has been captured in the past.

In 2005, a budding aesthete of a director, one Ryan Thomas, was tasked with essentially capturing lightning a bottle–a documentary surf film, profiling Bruce Irons in the midst of the noted barrel-charging, free-surf icon's mercurial stint on the pro tour.

The A-plus surf clips came easy, as Irons' proficiency in heavy, dangerous surf is on display from the jump. But as it clearly and intimately comes to bear in the film, the drama of the 2004 Hawaiian campaign was what really made The Bruce Movie one of the most compelling surf films of the early aughts.

So to recap for those hoping to use this Veeco Production as a template: Find a once-in-a-generation director and pair him or her with a once-in-a-generation talent. Insert drama.

Easily done, right?

Check out this week's Throwback Clip of the Week, winner of the Surfer Poll Awards Video of the Year [what is now Movie of the Year] in 2005, The Bruce Movie, above and be sure to vote for this year's Surfer Poll, here.