“SaboTaj” was released in 2000 and was Billabong’s first profile film on Taj Burrow. Billabong enlisted experienced surf film director Jack McCoy to tell the story of Burrow’s West Oz rearing all the way through to 1999, his sophomore year on tour at the age of 21.

Interestingly enough, during the final heat of the 1999 Coca-Cola Masters at Margaret River, a pack of reef sharks swarmed the lineup in a feeding frenzy. At 3:51 in the clip above, Burrow drops into a right-hander at Main Break and you can see the sharks thrashing around frantically on the surface. There’s no horn and no splitting of points. The heat’s clock continues to tick through the hazard. Despite Burrow’s laser focus during the distraction, he fell to Luke Egan by half a point.

Enjoy Burrow’s unrelenting chase of deep tubes and big airs, both in and out of a jersey–an approach to surfing that continues to define his legendary surf career.

This is the second half of the film, the first half can be watched here.