Starfishermen Catch A Tiger Shark At Tahiti's Most Fearful Wave

You know that story about the boy who picks up drying starfish on the sand and throws them back into the ocean to save their lives?

Well, On February 20, 2009, Didier and Grard Parker boated out to the reef by Teahupoo to do exactly the opposite. They were casting for starfish, insistent that starfish are notorious devourers of polyps and consequently reef-murderers. While the act of catching starfish at Teahupoo seems odd in itself, and framing starfish as killers seems equally strange, both notions pale in comparison to their seizure of a 1.29-ton tiger shark in the netting beside that self-same Teahupoo reef.

Killers beget killers, huh? While a single shark sighting or seizure certainly doesn't imply infestation, that toothy image sure makes for an additional psychological hurdle at a spot that roughly translates to "Broken Bones." So as the 2009 ASP World Tour kicks off at Snapper Rock this week, surfers can look forward to yet another complication at one of the heaviest waves on Earth. Or they can avoid fishing for starfish…