SHARK SCARE: 15 Ft. Tiger Clears Hawaiian Waters

Saturday, October 27, just a few minutes after noon, a large shark was sighted at the north shore surfing area known as Leftovers.

By 12:32PM a Honolulu Police Department helicopter was on scene, located the shark, and landed on the beach at Chuns Reef to request the lifeguards clear the 10-12 surfers in the water nearby.

Honolulu City & County lifeguard George Waddingham grabbed the rescue board and headed into the surf as Lifeguard Kyle Pao remained in the tower, using binoculars to spot the shark and inform those on the beach of the shark sighting.

The officers in the helicopter escorted the large tiger shark they estimated to be 12-15 feet out to sea near Jocko's surf spot. The lifeguards that showed up with jet-skis took over as the helo departed and surfers returned to the line-up by 1PM.

Several shark sightings have been reported this October on the north shore according to Waddingham.