Timmy Turner Undergoing Second Surgery

As the holiday season comes to a close we all need to hold on to a little hope. Today, just the third day of a fresh new year and Huntington Beach's Timmy Turner, who with his family by his side has been nobly fighting a rare form of staph infection that moved into his brain about two weeks ago, is scheduled to undergo another surgery today, this time on the right side of his head.

About Turner's current condition: Wife Jessica explained in a post dated January 1st on Timmyturner.org, "The last two days have been great with Timmy, however today we got some discouraging news…They [the doctors] can't seem to figure out why his temperature won't go down. They are in the process of figuring that out. They are thinking that it is still his sinus problem and there is an ENT (Ears, Nose, & Throat) doctor coming tomorrow sometime."

Feeling another surgery would be beneficial, doctors opted to get Turner into the operating room today. "It's kind of the same surgery [as he had on the left side of his head], just not as extensive; this time they will also clean out all his sinuses," states Jessica in a January 3rd post. "They keep telling us, he will take a couple steps forward and it is okay to take a couple back, that is all part of the recovery process in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). I was with Timmy all day and all the people who work with him are blown away by his strength. I have to say that right now he is understanding a little bit more about what is going on, which has freaked him out a bit! I showed him a picture of our family today and that put him back on track. Everyone who walks into the room, he shows that picture to. As you all could imagine, he misses his girls like crazy!"

So whether you're taking down those last bits of tinsel or paddling out for that new swell that's in the water, take a second to think, pray and hope for one of our brothers who's down, but certainly not out.