Help TJ Barron Be "The Last Boy Standing"

What would you do for $10,000? Well, in an effort to put some coin in his wax pocket TJ Barron’s got himself into quite a bind. Between sessions at Backdoor and ‘QS events Down Under he’s been logging on and laying down some serious sap in an effort to be named Young Miss’ (target audience, 12-year-old girls) “Last Boy Standing.”

At first glance the concept may induce a spot of nausea–boy toys, star signs and dream dates have never been surfers’ thing. Upon further investigation the nausea is confirmed. A field of 12 hunkalicious young men handpicked by the editors of YM have been thrust into a battle to try and capture the title of “Last Boy Standing” (along with a $10,000 purse). The contest involves nine months of online questions and answers, dreamy pictures along with miscellaneous information relating to likes and dislikes, hang-ups and hang outs…your basic teen idol concept. From there visitors to YM’s web site are encouraged to vote for their favorite boy every month. Yeah, it’s pretty cheesy. If you needed proof a poetic excerpt from TJ’s online swoon fest reads, “I prayed and watched into the distant starz, and finally you came to me…My stomach quivers, my body shivers…” All right, all right, we’re just going to stop right there. Need we say more?

Obviously TJ’s a little hard up for cash. So, we’d like to help a brother out. Better he win the dough than some kooky landlubber from Denver or Toronto. Lets keep the cash in the family. Go online, click over to Young Miss and help TJ be the “Last Boy Standing.” If 10 grand is getting shelled out anyway, it might as well go to a surfer.