Travis Logie Q & A: The South African Charge – Part Two

Probably the second most important heat of last year's WCT was the heat between Kelly Slater and young South African rookie Travis Logie at the Nova Schin in Brazil. If Kelly wins he wins the World Title; if Travis wins he requalifies but stymies his teammate in the process. The World Title chase rests on this one heat for this moment in time. Travis has the weight of two worlds on his fairly small shoulders. He's feeling the pressure for himself, and he is well aware of the bigger picture. So he paddles out, surfs a legendary heat and beats Slats fair and square. We all know what happens after that (Hedgey silences A.I.; game, set and match Slater), but for what it's worth let's go back to that heat, and to the incredible situation the young South African found himself in.

SURFERMAG.COM: So Travis, there must have been a lot on your mind before you paddled out for that heat.
Travis Logie: You know what? There was nothing at all on my mind. I had to get rid of the pressure so I just cleared my mind, forgot about all that was going on around me, and decided to do the job at hand.

SURFERMAG.COM: Was there any word from Quiksilver as to how you had to play out the heat? Did anyone give you any, 'Win this one and you'll be swimming with the fishes' type of Mafia warnings?
Travis Logie: Nothing at all. They just wished me luck. Was cool.

SURFERMAG.COM: Did you and Kelly speak during or before the heat?
Travis Logie: Well, we looked at each other before the heat, and he said, 'Good luck' to me, and then after the heat he said, 'Well done' to me. It was actually so civilized.

SURFERMAG.COM: After you had won, how did you feel for yourself, and how did you feel for Kelly?
Travis Logie: I was obviously really stoked about the result. Like, so, so stoked. Then I got bummed for Kelly, then I was stoked again. Haha, there was just so much going on.

SURFERMAG.COM: Were you stoked when Hedgy nailed the next heat, and it was all over?
Travis Logie: Well, you know, I was relieved for Kelly. Thing is I'm a good friend of Andy's so it was really hard to separate the two in my mind. I felt bad for Andy but stoked for Kelly. They had both been pushing each other so hard the whole year so I was kinda keen on it going to Hawaii, but whatever. It was over.

SURFERMAG.COM: Years ago Shaun Tomson said that he would have no problem throwing a heat if it meant a fellow team member, in his case Instinct team rider Barton Lynch, would get a World Title. To this day there are still people who feel this way. Would you ever throw a heat?
Travis Logie: I would never throw a heat. I have worked so hard to get where I am today, it would be the most pointless thing I could do. When I paddled out for that heat I was already completely assured that I had requalified. I was going out there, fully aware of everything in the big picture, and I wanted to win that heat. Simple as that.

SURFERMAG.COM: You did really well on your first year on the 'CT then (21st). How you feeling about it?
Travis Logie: Stoked. As I've said I've worked bloody hard at my surfing and it has gone better than expected, and I'm really stoked to be where I am.

SURFERMAG.COM: So any changes in the game plan for year two?
Travis Logie: Changes are inherent bru. I'm way more confident already. Going to carry on charging, and just hit each event full of confidence. I'm ready.

SURFERMAG.COM: Good luck then.
Travis Logie: Shot bru.