Max Stewart makes some awfully pretty boards down there on Sydney’s Northern Beaches under his Eye Symmetry label. He’s also assembled about the most unlikely pairing for a surf team I’ve ever seen: 50-something Tom Carroll and 20-something Hector Santamaria. Those two and Max are in Tokyo this week, showing off Eye Symmetry’s 2015 film Kawa No Me.

I don’t know what that means, but I do know it’s a beautiful 13-minute short focusing on Tom and Hector belting a bunch of typhoon-juiced Japanese lips. Also, many tubes.

If you’re in Tokyo, and why wouldn’t you be in that lovely city? There’s a showing of the film and a showing off of some Eye Symmetry sleds Friday night at 02 Gallery, fairly close to the buzzing Shibuya district.

If you’re (sadly) not in Tokyo, just check out the film above.

Photos: Eye Symmetry