HUMAN TOUCH: Puerto Rico's Brian Toth

Private Party: I would have it with a very special group of people that has a big part in my life, family and some very close friends.

Hall of Fame: In my hall of fame I would have to put my mother and father for bringing me up in this world that has given me life.

Words: I can't really read because I need reading glasses and haven't got them yet.

Sounds: My sounds for bringing me up is all kinds of music: jazz, reggae, reggaeton, rap, trance, drum and bass, rock, heavy metal. The music that brings me down, I don't really have any except some slow R&B.

Movies: Sin City. I like the Discovery Channel and History Channel. A lot of music channels also.

Dream Session: I have always wanted to go to Tahiti and Fiji with friends.

Bum Trip: Yeah, there have been some bum trips, but on those there was always something that I won't regret. It's important to have fun and made the best out of it. You have to.

Penalty Box: Idiots. People that don't respect anything, always have bad attitudes and negative thoughts about everything. It just always starts to grow on me and then I get all bummed and I hate that.

I'm Sorry: NO! I have loved everything that has happened to me so far, bad and good things. They just make me a stronger person.

Feast: Isn't this sort of like the first question asked, ha ha ha ha!

Worldview: Too personal for me to say, I have my outlooks and things but I only talk about it with close friends and family. Sorry.