These Quicktime clips are brought to you by our good friend Strider Wasilewski. Strider was in Tahiti during the epic swell that swept through the South Pacific in July of 2001.

Surfermag.com produces its video clips using Quicktime Pro. Click here to download your free Quicktime 5.0 player. Quicktime blows doors on Windows Media and Real Player. That’s why we use it. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll agree.

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VIDEO #1–1.3MB
Raimana Goes Big & Beasty

VIDEO #2–1.3MB
Vetea “Poto” David

VIDEO #3–1.3MB
Strider Does His Thing

VIDEO #4–1.5MB
Peter Mel Throws Caution to the Spit

VIDEO #5–1.8MB
Mr. Roberson Goes to Teahupooywood

VIDEO #6–1.5MB
Otto Flores Screams Ott Ohh!

VIDEO #7–890K
Peter Mel on Another Bomb

VIDEO #8–990K
Mike Todd Super Sizes it at the Drive Thru