Trailblazer Contest: Name the Surf Spot and Win a Package from Ted's Shreds


The Trail Blazer Contest presented by Ted Shred’s

Surf spots are just inaccessible treasures without trails leading to them. Every surf spot has a trail or path that must be walked before the paddle out, and after taking photos of trails to surf spots from all over the world, we’ve put it to you to name the spot the trail leads to and be entered in a drawing to win a package from Ted Shreds.

The first person to correctly identify all five trails by submitting answers to will win a delightfully aromatic package from Ted’s Shreds.

The holidays are a coming, and there’s always room in the stocking for stoke.

Trail #1:




Trail #3:


Trail #4:


Trail #5:


Please email your answers to: with the subject: Trailblazer.

“May your trails always be lit with Ted Shred’s”