Tricktionary Retraction

We extend our apologies for mislabeling a maneuver in our April issue

Gabriel Medina, midway through the manuever in question. Photo: Kenworthy

In the Tricktionary feature from our April issue, we incorrectly named the maneuver on page 135 a Judo. A Judo is a maneuver that is performed riding backside. Gabriel Medina is clearly on his frontside in the sequence in question.

Although we have received a lot of feedback from our readers regarding the error, aerial pioneer Christian Fletcher and his posse have been the most vocal and passionate about our mistake. Christian dismissed the maneuver as a "Double Grab," adding "(lame)" as an afterthought. Regrettably the correction came with a slew of profanity forcing us to delete the comments from our Facebook page for the sake of our younger readers.

Fletchers' fans immediately consulted their Fox-News-Sensationalist-Playbook and labeled us propagandists ("The Comment Gestapo," "Goebbels Playbook"). The simple truth is that we had to ban Christian from the page because of his repeated posts using foul language. By banning him, Facebook removed ALL his comments from our fan page. We regret having to do that, but felt our actions justified.

We invite Christian to provide us with the technical definition of a Judo Air and any other maneuver he wants to define. We'll be sure to remove any superfluous language and post it on the site.

We also received a lot of constructive input from readers around the world. Tim Brinson, a reader from North Carolina, called the maneuver in question an "Anti-Air," while others from South Africa, Australia and Europe have named it everything from a "Madonna" to a "Lien Slob."

After much consideration and debate we've come to the conclusion that the maneuver in the photograph is nothing more than a run-of-the-mill "Superman"--the angle of the photo disguising the fact that both his feet are in fact off the board.

Although it was our intention to clarify the naming of maneuvers, it's clear that we did the opposite in this particular case. For that we apologize and sincerely regret the error.