Trump’s Wall Threatens Beloved Irish Surf Spot

Trump-owned golf resort clashes with environmental groups

Be a real shame to crush this bluff with a giant seawall, don't you think?

Be a real shame to crush this bluff with a giant seawall, don’t you think?

Donald Trump loves walls. Loves them! Builds the greatest, most beautiful walls.

Trump loves walls so much, he wants to build a giant seawall on Doughmore Beach, a lovely, relatively untouched chunk of west Ireland. The wall would theoretically protect against natural sand movement and erosion that threatens a few holes of a golf course he owns there, the Doonbeg Golf Resort.

His company’s plan: plop 200,000 tons of boulders down on the beach to build a 50-foot high, two-mile long wall to block the natural shifting of sand, at a cost of ten million Euros. Trump says that without the seawall, his course will be ruined, as the threatened holes will eventually slough off into the Atlantic.


Problem is, Doughmore Beach is a well-loved and well-surfed bit of Ireland, and the locals aren’t thrilled with the idea of Trump’s wall. Many local surfers expect that the wall will ruin the sandbars at their beloved beach. Non-surfers just don’t want an enormous wall on the middle of their pristine bit of coastal real estate. The idea that Trump could just move those holes away from the beach has been floated, but, you know, Trump really wants to build walls.

There have been proposals and counter proposals and right now, County Clare, the governing body of Doughmore Beach, is reviewing the latest plans from Trump’s group, and is trying to decide if they’ve even got the power to allow construction of something so onerously large. Trump has apparently announced that if he can’t build his wall, he’ll pack up his golf course and leave, a petulant move that threatens to yank away lots of local jobs at the resort. So, make of that what you will as we plummet further into the November election black hole.

Anyway, there is a plan underway to get as many signatures as possible on a petition that will be submitted to the County Clare authorities as they mull over the latest plans for the wall.

Check out the petition here, if you’re so inclined.

Save the Waves is also part of the fight to block the wall, with more info here.