Tuhiti Haumani In Critical Condition

The Tahitian was found unresponsive after Pipe wipeout

Photo: Thouard

Our thoughts and prayers go to Tuhiti Haumani, here at home in Tahiti. Photo: Thouard

Just hours after John John secured his fourth Volcom Pipe Pro crown, tragedy and turmoil struck on the North Shore. Details remain scattered, but what we do know is that Tahitian surfer Tuhiti Haumani was knocked unconscious after wiping out just up the beach from Pipeline. According to people on the beach, Haumani fell in an awkward position and landed on top of his board. When he didn’t resurface, North Shore lifeguard and Volcom Pipe Pro standout Mikey Bruneau, along with others in the lineup, were able to get to Haumani but had trouble bringing him back in. The currents yesterday were ferocious and the armada of surfers keeping Haumani afloat were swept past Pipeline and almost to Backdoor. When North Shore lifeguards who were on patrol up the beach were alerted to the situation, they quickly launched a Jet Ski and brought Haumani to shore. He was reportedly given CPR and taken to a local hospital, where he is in critical condition.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tuhiti and his family as we are pulling for a full recovery. We’ll be back with more details as they come.