Yesterday USA Surfing–”the IOC-and-USOC-recognized national governing body for the sport of surfing in the USA,” according to their website–made the announcement that the BSR Surf Resort wave pool in Waco Texas will serve as the training grounds for the 2018 World Junior Championship Surf Team and those selected to shred for the U.S. of A in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The announcement came on the heels of Australia’s Olympic hopefuls (Sally Fitzgibbons, Nikki Van Dijk, Stu Kennedy and more) taking to Kelly’s Surf Ranch on the dime of Surfing Australia for a “National Squad Olympic Readiness training.” So why has USA Surfing decided to go with Waco?

"The technology allows repeat, made-to-order waves that are perfect for training," said USA Surfing Head Coach Greg Cruse. "With the capacity to produce three waves per minute at 12-second intervals and different wave configuration at the push of a button from right point to left point to right point with a perfect air section, this wave offers USA Surf Teams the opportunity to train in an environment that closely mimics ocean conditions."

Makes sense. If the Tokyo Olympic Committee is adamant about holding the event in the ocean (currently Tsurigasaki Beach), as the ISA is still swearing by, then a realistic training facility for the future Olympians would be one with repetitive, beachbreak-like conditions––not flawless, never-ending reelers.

Plus, at the moment, the Waco wave pool seems much more conducive to practicing big airs–which is what the US Olympic team will have to improve on if they plan to steal the gold from the Brazilian Olympic contingent.

And of course, the owner of the BSR Surf Resort is more than stoked on the new partnership. “We are extremely happy to support USA Surfing – the National Governing Body for Olympic surfing,” said owner Stuart Parsons. “We will do whatever we can to help our fabulous athletes win in Tokyo 2020 and beyond!"