A NEW DYNASTY: Team USA Defeats Australia

With all of the confidence of a seasoned veteran organization, the newly formed PacSun USA Surf Team dismantled Team Australia in a scrimmage event dubbed "USA versus Australia Alliance Cup" in waist-high peaks at Huntington Beach. Guided by the leadership of surfing-legend-turned-USA-coach Joey Buran, the win was a big achievement for the Americans.

The Australians took home the gold medal in last year's ISA Games in Portugal and are generally regarded as the team to beat. Although the scrimmage event held no bearing on the ISA ratings, both teams took to the chilled Huntington waters with nothing more on their mind but to annihalate their competition and keep their surfing razor-sharp.

"It is not so much the USA versus Australia, but two of surfing’s power nations getting together for the betterment of competitive surfing. We are all trying to improve our programs and through a sharing of ideas and a positive relationship, we can elevate the level even further," said Mike Gerard, Surfing America executive director.

The two teams will meet again in France in 2008 to duke it out in the water for a chance to bring home the gold. The last few years have been a struggle for Team USA. Although never short on talent, Team USA has had trouble putting it all together in the end. But with yesterday's win, the future looks bright for the Yanks.

"We surfed really well today," said USA Head Coach Joey Buran. "Our goal as the PacSun USA Surf Team is a Team Gold in France. The team is the star, not the individuals and we learned that today."

To find our more about Team USA, go to Surfingamerica.org

Results of the USA vs. Australia Alliance Cup

Boys Under 18:
1) Chris Salisbury (Aus)
2) Sam Lendrom (Aus)
3) Connor Coffin (USA)
4) Ellis Erickson (Aus)
Boys Under 16
1) Taylor Thorne (USA)
2) Kolohe Andino (USA)
3) Andrew Doheny (USA)
4) Luke Davis (USA)
Girls Under 18:
1) Demi Boelsterli (USA)
2) Sara Taylor (USA)
3) Courtney Conlogue (USA)
4) Angela Kieghran (AUS)

The 2008 PacSun USA Surf Team Roster Courtney Conlogue Sage Erickson Sara Taylor Amy Nicholl Kaleigh Gilchrist Taylor Pitz Keenan Lineback Demi Boelsterli Chandler Parr Lakey Peterson Alexa Frantz Nat Young Dillon Perillo Dane Zaun Michael Dunphy Chase Wilson Chase Brady Kolohe Andino Evan Geiselman Riley Metcalf Andrew Doheny Jared Thorne Ian Crane Nick Rupp Luke Davis Dylan Kowalski Taylor Thorne Conner Coffin Evan Thompson Colin Moran Cameron Richards Ian Gentil