Surfer Magazine: Volume 45 #4

Man Vs. Nature

Sam George

Nature makes waves. Man makes surf. And pretty damn good surf, too. Granted, not deliberately. In fact, with almost no exception, any attempt man has made to design and produce rideable surf has met with lamentable failure. And yet the coastlines of the world are littered with breaks that without man’s helping hand–man’s uncaring and often destructive hand–would otherwise not exist. His piers, jetties, channels, groins, break walls and dredge-tailing sandbars have come to define some of surfing’s most traditional landscapes, providing as merely an engineering by-product waves that in many cases rival the best that nature itself has to offer.

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The SURFER Interview: Tom Curren

by Chris Mauro

Tom Curren has never had a surf spot named in his honor. He didn’t introduce the twin fin, thruster, or tow board, and let’s face it; the chances of him becoming a powerful surf industry desk jockey are slim to none. Yet when it’s all said and done, very few people will alter the axis of the surfing world the way Tom Curren has. Truth is, this guy changed everything, and by no other means than his revolutionary approach to riding waves that blended ’70s elegance with new millennium flair.

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