Classic surfing evangelist Joel Tudor's traveling tent revival just keeps on a rollin, traveling the globe with each successive event descending upon a new sphere of influence. Over the course of a decade and a half, now, the Vans event has grown from an intimate gathering of individualistic longboard stylists to one of the most celebrated events in all of surfdom.

In May, the DTI rolled through the Spanish Basque Country, where 16 surfing luminaries and an eclectic grouping of fresh-faced youngsters paid a visit to the distinctive surfing community in Zarautz. Now, just a six months later, 32 of the world's most innovative longboarders (16 men and 16 women) will meet in Hainan's renowned Riyue Bay, the birthplace of Chinese surfing. As Tudor continues to innovate and tinker with the DTI's format, the Hainan event will be the first Duct Tape to host both a men's and women's division.

As always, the field is stacked, with DTI vets like Alex Knost, Harrison Roach, Justin Quintal, Karina Rozunko and winners of the most recent DTI's at the U.S. Open and in the Basque (Honulua Blomfield and Andy Neiblas, respectively) surfing alongside standouts like Tie Zhuang, Yuta Sezutsu, Yuzuru Shinjo, and more from China and other parts of Asia. And—again, as always—strict and unique DTI guidelines enforce the use of traditional, single-fin logs without modern attachment, with additional points awarded for best shared wave, encouraging surfers to ride the same wave with style and creativity.

Stay tuned to SURFER, we’ll be documenting the event with a video series.

DTI Basque Country winner and China invitee, Andy Nieblas. Photo: Jimmicane

Here's the full list of competitors:

Vans Duct Tape Invitational Invitees

(in alphabetical order)

Men's Division

Alex Knost

Andy Nieblas

Blake Michaels

Grant Noble

Harrison Roach

Jared Mell

Justin Quintal

Kyle Perez

Myles Doughman

Tie Zhuang

Tom Payne

Tory Elmore

Tyler Warren

Yuta Sezutsu

Yuzuru Shinjo

Zach Flores

Duct Tape Invitational Huntington Beach invitees, Ivy Thomas, Karina Rozunko, Sierra Lerback and Kelis Kaleoppa. Photo: Jimmicane


Women's Division

Chloe Calmon

Hallie Rhor

Hiroka Yoshikawa

Honolula Blomfield

Karina Rozunko

Kelis Kaleopaa

Lola Mignot

Makala Smith

Mason Schremmer

Monica Guo

Roisin Carolan

Sierra Lerback

Summer Richley

Timmei Chou

Tory Gilkerson

Victoria Vergara