New Athlete Gym

“New athletes’ gym, trains mere mortals to leap tall buildings with a single bound.”

Essex Junction, VT: Fitness Guru, sports physiologist, author and inventor of the acclaimed VasaTrainer, Mr. Rob Sleamaker, announced today the debut of the new Vasa Trainer “Foot Platform”. Since 1988, the versatile Vasa Trainer has been the sports-specific training choice of discriminating Olympic and world champion coaches, swimmers,surfers, skiers, triathletes, rowers and athletes from many other sports. Thousands of health clubs, physical therapists and fitness enthusiasts around the world also use the VasaTrainer for its unsurpassed conditioning benefits. The FootPlatform is the latest innovation that transforms this highly effective functional training machine into a complete”athlete’s gym”.

As the newest improvement to the widely used Vasa Trainer equipment, the “Foot Platform” expands the functionality andappeal of the Vasa Trainer for athletic, fitness andsports-medicine professionals. It allows the athletic enthusiast to perform essential leg exercises including squats, lunges, plyometric vertical leaps and powerfulstarts. Incorporating the new accessory allows athletes tomore effectively perform plyometric leg push offs, lunges, calf raises and aerobic total body exercises.

The Vasa Trainer is recognized and utilized by thousands of universities, colleges and clubs throughout the U.S. as well as the world’s top triathletes, swimmers, surfers and trainers. The Vasa Trainer is a versatile sports-specific device that provides over 150 multi-plane, functional exercises using body weight as the primary resistance. Itis designed to condition the entire body by building strength, power, speed and endurance. U.S. swim coacheshave consistently requested Vasa Trainers for theirathletes’ use during World Championships and Olympic games since 1992. Here are what athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts have to say about the Vasa Trainer:

“It’s very important to have long, lean muscles and the VasaTrainer really provides that conditioning. It’s very close to what you’re doing in the swimming pool which is why it’sreally beneficial to swimming.” Lenny Krayzelburg, Winner of 3 Gold Medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and World record holder in backstroke.