Pro Surfing Tour of America announces the creation of its newest competition for the year 2002.

The PSTA Video Competition will be an event open to all videographers, professional and amateur, and will present an annual Video of the Year award to the winner.

To enter the event go to the PSTA website at and click on the Video competition award icon. This will take you to the application form or you can contact PSTA directly by telephone at 831-728-9001.

Videographers are free to shoot any or all of the PSTA events, edit the work, put it to a soundtrack of some kind, and add credits for anyone that works on the project.

Videos will be judged on creativity, originality, audio quality, and overall technical ability, so don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure your technique is solid.

All entries must be submitted to the PSTA by December 31st 2002 ant the top three winners will be announce on January 10th 2003. The Winning videos will be played on the PSTA website and may be televised by Outdoor Life Network or other sports television.

  • All entries must be submitted using VHS format and become property of the PSTA.
  • Pro Surfing Tour reserves the right to use entry videos in any manner at any time.
  • Please be sure to obtain model releases where needed and include parent permission slips for anyone under 18 years of age that appears in the video outside of public areas. Be sure to include releases for any musical scores that are not created from royalty free sources.
  • Get your cameras rolling and we’ll see you at the awards in 2003!