Larry Bertlemann's vintage twin fin will be on sale this weekend in Honolulu along with other collectables.

One hundred years of vintage surf collectibles with an estimated $1 million value will be on offer at the Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction, July 22 and 23 at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. Randy Rarick’s lifetime of connections and an unbridled passion for all things surf have made this auction an international success story. This year’s auction—his sixth—will draw hundreds of serious surf collectors from around the world, each vying for a piece of history that includes surfboards, paddleboards, clothing, art, and memorabilia. What follows are a few artifacts from Randy’s collection that will be up for bid in Honolulu.

Shaun Tomson’s Off the Wall shooter, 1978
This is one of a three board quiver that Shaun had built by master shaper Bill Barnfield after Shaun had left Lightning Bolt and started his own label. It was used in the winter of '78/'79 when Shaun was dominating the North Shore and particularly the Backdoor Pipeline/Off the Wall area. Featuring yellow tint on the top, clear bottom, distinctive three-color scallops, and removable Barnfield template glass fin. It also features Shaun’s logo and the Barnfield logo—an iconic board, for an iconic surfer, by an iconic shaper. The pre-thruster single fin signaled the climax of the “Bustin’ Down the Door” era. Pre-auction estimate: $5,000-$7,000

Larry Bertlemann 6’6″ Twin Fin, 1979
Here’s a fun, affordable option. If anyone epitomized the new breed of rippers in the mid-to-late 70's, it was Larry Bertlemann. Taking his skateboard-inspired repertoire to new heights, he had an entire generation of kids riding his twin fins with amazing success. First with Town & Country, and then under his own "Hawaiian Pro Designs." This was a very typical Bertlemann model with his signature "Pepsi" swirl on the deck in red with blue pin lines and matching red, white, and blue pin-lined fins. Pre-auction estimate: $1,250-$2,500

Gerry Lopez, 8’3″ "Big Wednesday" Lightning Bolt 1978
The most significant board of the Big Wednesday movie: Gerry Lopez's personal Lightning Bolt which he rode in the film! Let's let Gerry describe how this board came about: "We had filmed the beach sequence on location at the Bixby Ranch, where a set had been built to look like 'the pit' at Malibu. I'm shown pulling my board out of the car and getting ready to go out. That was actually Jan Michael Vincent's board and when it was decided to film the actual surf sequences in Hawaii, they told me I would need to build myself another board that looked exactly like Jan's board to match the scene we had filmed at the Ranch. The board on offer this time is the actual board I built to ride for the movie. It is an 8'3" winged pin tail designed for big Sunset. I also used it a few times at the Pipeline, but it was really an ideal Sunset board. It is the very last Lightning Bolt board in my personal collection. It has had a great life and the pedigree to prove it….just watch the end sequence of "Big Wednesday!"
Pre-auction estimate: $15,000-$25,000

Greenough's water rig.

George Greenough water camera used to shoot Big Wednesday
The ultimate Greenough find! The modified movie camera that he used to film the segments in "Big Wednesday" and other film projects. In George's own words: "This camera was custom built to shoot surfing in 35mm using Panavision lenses up to 200mm. The original camera is an Arriflex II C. The problem with putting this camera in a housing was weight. You couldn't focus and hold the camera at the same time. I needed a balanced shoulder mounted camera to be able to pull focus while shooting. I had to redesign the viewfinder, take the camera apart and build a waterproof, lightweight housing for it. This took about 500 hours to do. The end result was excellent balance while shooting "Big Wednesday." I used lenses up to 200 mm shooting off a mat. The camera is easy to focus while shooting and I've used it for a variety of other projects since." Now it's your chance to get a piece of cinematic history. Pre-auction estimate: $10,000-$15,000