In past, Vissla films like “Pedro’s Bay” and “Dream Steeple”, featured team riders playing characters in a Wes Anderson-esque narrative, surfing around the world as part of a bigger storyline.

“Rolling Review” is a deviation from that norm.

In this film, Vissla’s latest release, the focus is put solely on the surfers, and most importantly, on their surfing. Considering the Vissla team is full of unique characters that surf all over the spectrum, and rip on basically every craft made from fiberglass and foam, it makes sense Vissla would create a film that shows off how diverse, and talented, their squad actually is.

“The main inspiration for the film was the Vissla team itself, and how compelling they are together,” says Eddie Obrand., director of “Rolling Review”. “I love the contrast the team has. As a collective, they make for a colorful and dynamic film, that features a lot of different styles and approaches.”

Derrick Disney and Bryce Young
Photo Credit: Vissla
Derrick Disney and Bryce Young, styling on a right point.

“Rolling Review” is full of interesting pairings in locations all over the world. Bryce Young styling his single fin in solid waves. Eric Geiselman flying through pumping tubes. Cam Richards, Derrick Disney, Noa Mizuno and Toby Mossop at an absolutely perfect set-up.

While you won’t find the team acting in this film, you will find them together in character at a house-turned-creative factory in Europe–shaping, drinking and plotting their next trip. “The hats the team wear throughout the film were inspired by Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael and the Black Panther Party,” continues Obrand., when asked about the underlying concept to RR. “Being in the political climate we’re currently in made me want to create something that was a nod to the activism and tenacity from a bygone era, like the Sandinista’s or the Black Panthers.”

In “Rolling Review”, you’ll also get insight into what makes the team tick. Take this tid-bit from Derrick Disney, one of the best and most stylish surfer/shaper combos to ever come out of Southern California.

“Instead of spending my money and just scraping to go to the next contest, I decided to drive to Nicaragua with a friend,” said Disney, about what led him down his current path in professional surfing. “On that road trip, I decided: ‘I’m not gonna do contests anymore; I’m just gonna surf for me and have fun.’ That actually made me enjoy surfing a lot more, after that, and it kinda threw me down this loop of building boards, and I’ve fallen in love with surfing again. I learned to build a board that lets you express yourself the way you want to on a wave.”

Or this stream of consciousness from Australia’s Bryce Young: “You almost gotta pinch yourself, you know? Waking up in a place that feels like home but on the other side of the world. It’s just the craziest, coolest thing you could ever do. You’re not only getting to surf these beautiful, new waves, but you get to immerse yourself in the culture, even if it’s just for a week.”

Click play and immerse yourself for 20-minutes in Vissla’s new film, “Rolling Review”.

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