Volcom Pipe Pro Day 2

Big tubes and beatdowns on tap

The second day of the Volcom Pipe Pro bore witness to a mixed bag of swell that ranged from crumbly 4- to 6-foot tubes in the morning to knee-shaking Second Reef stacks in the afternoon. And while the conditions today weren't by any means as clean as day one, contestants were able to pack a litany of heavy tubes.

Posting the highest heat total of the day was North Shore lifeguard and Pipe connoisseur Mikey Bruneau who dropped a 9.57 and 5.43. Bruneau, who represents so many of the local Pipe specialists seeded in the event, is hunting one of the top-16 slots that will seed him into the Pipe Masters trials next winter.

"That 9-point ride was pretty sketchy. I was a little scared to go but I needed a score and there was only a minute left," said Bruneau. "I was able to make my way into it and then it spit me out. But you know, I just wanted to get another opportunity to surf out there again with just a few guys out.”

Adding to the day's highlight reel was Brazilian charger Ian Gouveia, who knifed an impossible drop straight into the tube and made a clean, behind-the-spit exit to the tune of an 8.97.

With the heavy conditions also came a slew of intense wipeouts. In his round 3 heat, Italy's Leonardo Fioravanti went over the handlebars and straight into the reef. After the wipeout, Fioravanti surfaced, clearly in pain, and was promptly saved by the Hawaiian Water Patrol and gurneyed up the beach. It was later reported that Fioravanti sustained a cracked vertebra and was given an MRI.

"It was a pretty heavy wipeout that Leo took," said McIntosh, "It looked bad when he was being stretchered in. He's banged up, but we think he’s gonna be ok."

Event organizers will be taking another look at conditions tomorrow, which are expected to be some of the best in the contest’s waiting period, in hopes that they can continue running through Round 3.