Mikey Guarino on Volcom’s First ASP-Sanctioned Event

A Discussion About The First-Ever Volcom Pipeline Pro

Sometimes it’s hard to pass up a good opportunity – even if it means compromising a few of your principles; we’re always evolving, right? So despite Volcom’s anti-contest persona, the decision to host a 5-star WQS event right in front of their dual compounds didn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Surf Team Manager Mikey Guarino fills us in on the upcoming Volcom Pipeline Pro.

Historically, Volcom has never really conformed to or endorsed the standards of ASP competition, be it on the WQS or World Tour level. Why start now?

The opportunity came through, and we simply felt it was a great time to finally get more involved on the ASP level. To host an event at the most exciting place to watch surfing is something we're thrilled about.

It may be a ways off, but could this trend toward adopting a stop on the ASP World Tour?

We will definitely take it one step at a time and focus first on making this one of the most anticipated WQS stops.

Volcom obviously has a lot invested in Hawaii, starting with the dual Pipe Houses. With this contest it seems like you guys are really committing to the Proving Grounds. Do you think there’s any better place for a surf contest?

Of course there are great venues, but when it's on, watching Pipeline's best ride big, hollow and dangerous waves in your face is unlike anywhere in the world.

Everyone loves the VQS for its overboard antics. At the 2009 Hillbilly Stomp in Newport Beach, kids picked which number chickens would crap on for prizes. What can we expect at Pipe January 23 – February 5?

There certainly won't be chickens, mud pits, or juggling acts on the beach for the Volcom Pipeline Pro. Although VQS antics keep the fun regardless of the waves in Newport Beach, Pipeline will provide all the excitement needed. But of course, it will also be Volcom.

Every pro surfer wants to compete at Pipeline. Are there any special conditions for entering the event?

Beyond having the ASP seed requirements, the only thing needed is balls and your best tube riding game.

Do you have any predictions for the inaugural event? I assume Bruce will be surfing…

Yes, Bruce is in. Also in is a list of committed Hawaiian Pipeline riders, past Pipe contest champions, current and retired WCT'ers, young up and comers, foreign chargers from everywhere, and veteran 'QS warriors. Running down the list of entries is really exciting; the only prediction is a spectacular surfing event.

Anything else you’d like to mention about the First-Ever Volcom Pipeline Pro?

Let's the games begin.