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Dusty Payne vs. Carlos Munoz—who gets your vote into the Hurley Pro?

Carlos Munoz has proven thus far to be the Costa Rica people's champ. Photo: Frieden

Carlos Munoz has proven thus far to be the Costa Rica people’s champ. Photo: Frieden


In the off chance your Facebook/Twitter/Insta feed hasn't been bombarded with pleas from pro surfers looking for your vote into the Hurley Pro, here's how the video trials for the event has gone down: 16 surfers went head-to-head in online video battles at The winner of each heat—which was voted on by the public—moved forward to the next round, until the eventual overall winner is awarded a coveted wildcard slot into the Hurley Pro at Lowers come September.

Last year, you’ll remember that South Carolina's Cam Richards came out of the woodwork to make a name for himself when he narrowly lost out to eventual winner Dane Reynolds in what Dane deemed a “social media war.” Richards bowed out in the Quarters this time around. As of today, we're looking at Carlos Munoz vs. Dusty Payne in the final heat. Who’s your pick?

Watch their clips and vote now by clicking here.