Vote for the Bug

Cast your vote to decide the new SURFER emblem

The SURFER “End Bug” is what we call the tiny surfing human that we place at the end of every feature in the magazine (it looks like a squashed bug to the untrained eye). If you’re still unsure, please take this moment to rifle through an issue of SURFER and keep your eye out for the tiny black emblem. The outline of none other than Mark Occhilupo, midway through one of his iconic frontside turns. Although that turn will never be any less impressive, after a few decades of looking at it, we decided it’s time for a change. Below are the nominees for the new End Bug, which are both iconic turns by surfers that defined a generation. Click on the “Like” button below the image of Tom Curren or Andy Irons to determine who you will see on the pages of SURFER from now on. A winner must be chosen by next Wednesday, February 9.