Over the past year, South African surfer Beyrick De Vries has been busy working on a video project with filmmaker Steven Michelsen. In between stops on the ‘QS, De Vries ventured around the wave-rich African coastline alongside fellow shredders Brendon Gibbens, Shane Sykes and Dale Staples, and gathered enough clips to create “Higher Light”–the banger of an edit featured above.

"I believe I grew up a lot during the making of the movie, and that I have a lot more direction,” says De Vries about the project. “In the process, I realized that you [can] be competitive and be a free surfer. You don’t have to choose if you plan well enough. [You] can go to Japan and compete on the ‘QS in 1-foot waves, and then go straight to Indo for a sick trip. I've been learning that it's all about balance."

Well, De Vries certainly found the right footing last year, and by the look of things in the 16-minute montage above, De Vries is surfing sharper than ever. Whether he’s effortlessly tucked inside a never-ending tube, throwing down a heavy-footed hack or landing a gravity-defying air, everything De Vries does in “Higher Light” will most certainly get you amped to go surfing (like right now).

To see more behind-the-scenes images collected during the making of the movie, peruse Alan van Gysen’s photos below: