In Early June, after losing in the Chiba Open QS600 in Japan, Ian Crane jumped on a flight to Bali to strike a swell and film for Snapt 3. He planned to stay a week, but the swell kept coming. So Crane extended his stay from a week to a month, and ended up scoring spots on Lombok, Sumbawa, and all over Bali, collecting a ton of clips for Snapt 3 in the process. But since only the best of the best made the movie, everything else made the edit above--a 2-minute highlight reel from a month in Indo, filmed by Scotty Hammonds. We caught up with Crane to talk about this edit, his thoughts on the ‘QS and his plans for next year.

This clip is all from a few weeks in Indo, right?

Yeah. It's all from after the ‘QS event was over in Japan and before I went to South Africa. I went over to Bali with [Evan] Geiselman. Once we were both done in the event we hopped on a flight. I was planning to stay for one swell to film for the Snapt 3 movie, but it was too much fun so I posted up for a month.

I surfed up in the Uluwatu area a bunch, but I did two trips to Desert's and also went to Lakey's, to meet up with Chucky [Logan Dulien] and the whole Snapt crew: Bruce, Koby, Mason...that was classic. But most of this edit is from Bali.

The Ulu's clips look like so much fun.

Those were my favorite days, for sure. Just posting up and hanging with Nate [Lawrence] and Scotty [Hammonds] and waiting for those uncrowded windows when the tide would get right. So many fun left tubes. Bali is the best place to be on a surf trip vacation.

Especially between super-focused, sometimes grindy ‘QS events.

I've actually scored a lot of good waves this year between ‘QS events, which is different from past years. A lot of times you lose and you're all bummed and you just go home and mope. But this year I'd lose and be all bummed and fly somewhere nearby to get good waves and then I'd be all happy again [laughs]. The ‘QS requires such a different mindset: You're always testing boards, testing fins, going to sleep early, eating little salads [laughs], so trips like this one to Bali are so fun. It's good to get away from the jockey aspect of things and just forget about all of that. But I don't think you have to be just a contest guy or just a free surf guy. There's time to do both.

Speaking of the QS, you're 65th currently so you'll have a decent seed next year. You'll be doing all of the comps again I assume?

I'm pretty frustrated with where I'm at. I got a third at the first big event of the year in Australia, and from there I've just gone downhill. I know I can get results. I've done it. But I just need to figure out how to string a few together so I can get on tour. That would be pretty sweet [laughs].

What was your reaction to hearing Lowers is off the schedule?

It's a bummer for sure. Especially for the community. It was so cool having the contest come to town every year. I can remember being in fifth grade and ditching school to go down there, trying to get in the competitors’ area and seeing all my favorite surfers up close. There's not a ‘QS at Lowers anymore either, so there's what, one contest now and it's a surf shop challenge? It's weird that there's not one event in California (aside from the wave pool), and California is pretty much where the whole industry is. But hopefully that'll change. I don't know all of the politics and everything that went into it.

On the flipside, at least Griffin [Colapinto] qualified, so there's another surfer representing San Clemente on tour.

Yep! That's super cool.

Now you just gotta join 'em.

[laughs] Game on! That's the plan.