Towards the end of last year, Albee Layer and Torrey Meister saw a swell pop up on the North Atlantic charts–one that was marching steadily towards The Cave, Europe’s most treacherous slab. Chomping at the bit to do a little Portuguese reef dance, Layer and Meister packed their board bags and dancing shoes and boarded an eastbound plane to Ericeira. Unfortunately, just as they arrived, Layer received an email from the WSL alerting him that a solid swell heading towards Jaws–and there was a good chance the 2017 Pe’ahi Challenge was going to run later that week.

The good news was the Jaws contest was shaping up to be one of historic proportions. The bad news was that the swell in Portugal was set to fill in just a day or two before Layer had to be back on Maui to paddle out for his first heat. The video above, aptly titled “Questionable Decisions,” is the story of Layer and Meister making a decision to stick around on foreign soil until they got what they came for, and how they had to make a mad dash back to Maui to make the unforgettable Pe’ahi contest, just in the nick of time.